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“Oddity Shop: How to Start Your Own Oddities Shop Online”

An Oddity Shop is where one goes to find the strange, weird or even the macabre. Oddity collectors like preserved animals and different types of creatures, displayed in a manner considered artistic.

A beautifully displayed scorpion, preserved, poised to strike and encased in glass to be displayed as a part of an enthusiast’s collection is one such example.  

Sometimes, the specimen may be something like a pig fetus in a jar of fluid or maybe a two headed snake staring at you through the glass. Odd being the description of these types of products, there is still always a market for these types of products.

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How Does One Get Started with Their Own Oddity Shop?


Figuring out how you are going to acquire these artifacts, packaging and even the way the oddity will be displayed is a matter of personal creativity. That type of creativity cannot be taught with a mere article to educate, but is a matter of instinct and is also learned over time. What you can do to get started if you feel that you have the basics under control is get yourself a website to make into an oddity shop and ultimately, a brand. 


The first thing to do is come up with the shop’s name. The more relevant to the subject of oddities, the better. Make a list of different ideas that match that criteria and take a look at what we have available here first. You don’t need to buy what we offer. It’s a great place however to come up with a great shop name. Now, if you are drawing a blank and see something that you really like among our pre-marketed domains, enquire and see about the prices. We’ll return your message within 24 hours. The worst case scenario, the price is too high and you can go look on GoDaddy. The trouble there is that you will have to market your own site which can be a huge problem for people unfamiliar with digital marketing practices.


Once you choose which oddity shop domain best suits your needs, buy it. That is your business name, own it!  It’s now time to start working on your products. Once you have several products that you can stock, build, remake, reorder and maintain a supply for the demand you will eventually receive, it’s time to start building the website.

Living in today’s society, we all have smart phones and tablets. Most of us have some idea what we are doing at the computer, so it would be ridiculous to pay someone to do all the work when you can probably get a good start on your own. WIX is a great platform that is intuitive and has recently undergone a wonderful change that gives the site designer the ability to onsite SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how your website will be discovered by internet users, looking for oddities on Search Engines like Google. Being able to read and understand a little about computers can take you a long way. It will give you the options for layout and themes to make your website reflect the tone you are looking to share with your customers. WIX also has a very easy system in place for adding products to your website as well as inventory management.

The beginner with a little computer knowledge and the ability to read and follow instructions could start working on a WIX site on Friday after work, and before Monday morning have a functioning oddity shop. You will have to pay for some services, you may choose to use different methods for accepting payments like credit cards or the hosting on WIX itself are some examples, but it is a lot better than paying thousands of dollars to let someone build it for you. With a little dedication and technical knowhow, a novice can undertake this challenge and do well.


The Key Ingredient

The single most important part is the name. Don’t settle on leftovers or choosing to go cheap because our pre-marketed sites cost more than the sites on GoDaddy. The cheap sites you can purchase from sites like, GoDaddy are good if you are interested in, “The SEO headache”. Those sites have never seen a search engine before and will not rank immediately. If you don’t have the highly technical skill set in digital marketing, you are looking at spending a lot of money on someone that does, then it’s a matter of time. It can take months and even years to start having your cheap site start to rank in a position people searching on Google may find before going blind reaching page 13 of 10 results on each page. That is the headache to get for not considering paying for something pre-marketed like our oddity shop domains.

Our Pre-marketed sites are fantastic because they have relevant names for an oddity shop and have already had some SEO performed that will transfer that kind of exposure to you and your new web site upon purchase. You will then need to get your website hosted so you can publish to the new site and start designing. I would recommend WIX to the novice and when your website begins receiving too much traffic (100,000 a day or so), you may need to consider hosting elsewhere, but that is what we like to call, “A high quality problem”. 

To inquire about domain sales, leasing or page adverting  please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you with in one business day.

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