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“Dead Things in Jars: Premium Domain Available To Buy”

From our domain listing of Premium oddity domains, “Dead Things in Jars” or is a great domain for anyone interested in starting their own e-commerce business in the world of oddities.

What is an Oddity?

Oddities have been trending online for years now. Typically, it’s mostly about preserved dead specimens that are made into beautiful works of art. The specimen might be something like a stuffed and mounted fish you see hanging on someone’s wall. Another example is the stuffed and mounted deer head hanging on the wall. Oddities isn’t really all that different conceptually, just different types of animals or parts of animals. Dead things in jars, the domain, is very obvious as far as what kind of oddities are included in the business model. 

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How Does it Translate?

The domain, “Dead Things in Jars” is currently being pre-marketed, adding extra value to a domain that specifically targets a very specific demographic. People that search for the keywords related to “Dead Things” won’t have any problem finding this domain on the search engines. Reading this, you found it.

In no way, is the site complete. If this is the domain for your business, you will need to add products that match the dead things in jars name. You will need to add the sheep heart in a bottle or a dead fetal pig in a jar. You will still need to optimize those added pages, the product pages, the pictures of the products you are going to add even adding videos. The site is pre-marketed for your business and if, “Dead Things in Jars” is the right name for your domain,

take the time to fill out the form below and enquire about it.

We are willing to offer a great price for a phenomenal domain name. 

How Do We Calculate the Value of Dead Things in Jars?

The website, is premium because of a number of statistical metrics. We look for how many clicks and visitors the website receives each month on average. What kind of keywords does the website rank for? What kind of traffic engagement should a potential buyer expect?

When we look at the data provided through analytics and other third party software we use to monitor the SEO performance of the site gives us an idea of the market value of this premium website.  

We take a similar approach when estimating the value of our other premium domains.

How do I Buy This Premium Domain?

At the bottom of the website, is a form you can submit to our admin. Let us know that you are interested in this or any of our other domains listed on this site and we will reply within 24 hours of receipt. Once a price is agreed to, we will go ahead and set up a method for escrow payment to be made, once received, we will release the domain controls to you and you will acknowledge receipt of product. You get the website, we get paid, and that’s how it works.

To inquire about domain sales, leasing or page adverting  please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you with in one business day.

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Thanks! Message sent.

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