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Our Domain List of oddity and dark curiosity themed e-commerce business sites consists of pre-marketed and premium level domain names. When the time arrives to look at purchasing your very own website for business, you need to pay attention to the details. Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge and making a potentially hefty investment.

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There are plenty of services where you can purchase a domain and hosting for a website to publish on at very little out of pocket expense initially. You can purchase a domain and have it hosted for a year for less than a hundred dollars. The problem following that is getting traffic to come to your website. The next problem is getting the traffic that comes to your website to buy products or services, constituting conversions. Conversions equal profit. Once your website gets built and goes live, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be anywhere near the first page of search engine results for the keywords you think apply best for your e-commerce business.

What follows next is your next business expense, marketing. You will need someone to perform SEO services. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is how you get your website, ranking on the first page of search engine results for the relevant keywords people use to search for your product or service. Some of these services are provided by people that know what they are doing and some don’t have great success. It is a gamble on your part, but in either case, you will be spending a minimum of $1,000 a month for maybe a year to get into a decent ranking on the search engines and months before you start to see any return on your investment. This is the trap of buying a fresh web domain with no marketing done beforehand. The fresh website is cheap to buy, but can cost many thousands of dollars and worse yet, months to years to perform the way you envision.


What is the Alternative? 


The alternative is purchasing a pre-marketed domain. Our domain list carries the names of many attractive domains for a specific industry. A pre-marketed domain is a domain that has been built on, optimized for SEO ahead of time and listed on a website, which will continue to maintain backlinks to the website once sold, helping fortify the optimization with the search engines. These websites were bought, developed, and currently perform well on the search engines. As they are not being used for e-commerce in the traditional way, they are available for sale to interested parties seeking the perfect domain name for their business. The beauty of it all is that you have very little to do once the website is bought in terms of marketing. The site will be transferred to you as the buyer after payment is received and you get a pre-marketed domain. 

But What Makes a Domain Premium?

The premium domain list, lists domains that not only have great value for their pre-marketed content, but also have had multiple simultaneous requests for purchase. Those premium listings start at the $5,000 range, no less. The amount of time in development and effort spent getting those websites great exposure is not worth less than that to us.

If there are multiple requests received, we will communicate the offers made by,

to all interested parties and will gladly accept the highest bid.

Here is a Domain List of our Pre-Marketed Premium Domains:


There are always options. You may choose to purchase a fresh website and will absolutely have to pay for marketing that could be a gamble or you could choose a pre-marketed site or even one that is in high demand. The latter option will make your job considerably easier. This website has a great domain list worth taking a look at, especially if you are interested in starting a business in the realm of oddities and other slightly bizarre subject matter.

To inquire about domain sales, leasing or page adverting  please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you with in one business day.

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Oddities Articles

There are plenty of services where you can purchase a domain and hosting for a website to publish on at very little out of pocket expense initially. You can purchase a domain and have it hosted for a year for less than a hundred dollars.

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Oddities Articles

From our domain listing of Premium oddity domains, “Dead Things in Jars” or deadthingsinjars.com is a great domain for anyone interested in starting their own e-commerce business in the world of oddities.

Strange products sell just as well as not-so-strange merchandise like t-shirts and coffee mugs. If you check on Google, you will see under Strange Merchandise, products that fall under the category of oddities and curiosities.

There is always a market for unique product types online such as an Occult Store. The demand for occult related merchandise is high. On average there are over 50,000 searches on Google per month. 

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